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Marvin Meinold


Marvin Meinold is a professional improvisational actor and has been traveling around Germany teaching spontaneity and communication for years. With his fresh sense of humour, he’s been delighting people of all ages: together with his very own company Die Stereotypen, in guest appearances at the city theatre of Bielefeld and as a permanent member of the most well-known German improv-group Springmaus.


After having trained as a coach, hosting events and many years of experiences in improv-camps and seminars, he is now part of the institute’s team. Marvin’s kind and appreciative manner, his IT-brain and his charming wordplay make for the perfect combination of entertainer and schooled coach. He always manages to make people leave their comfort zone, humorously encouraging them to explore new paths. 


“Marvin individually tailored the workshop to our needs and made the learning experience a fun-filled day. All participating members enjoyed working with him and felt that they had achieved a better understanding of how they can improve their presentations. We can highly recommend Marvin’s unique combination of experience and flexibility.” Domenic Herberz, President Hamburg Power Speakers